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Fighting Pistol                               Tactical Response        3x

Advanced Fighting Pistol             Tactical Response

The Fight (Force-on-Force)          Tactical Response

Way of the Pistol                          Tactical Response

Immediate Action Medical          Tactical Response.      2x

Fighting Rifle                                  Tactical Response

Fast and Accurate Pistol               Tactical Response

Tactical Shotgun                            Tactical Response

Vehicle Dynamics                          Tremis Dynamics 

Red Dawn Response                     Tactical Insider

2-Day Combative Pistol

& Carbine                                        Battleline Tactical

1-Day Basic Pistol                          Battleline Tactical

2-Day Active Shooter                    Battleline Tactical

Tactical Firearms Instructor         Tactical Response

CQB & Home Defense                  Tactical Rifleman

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu                            Bone Island Jiu Jitsu

Low Light Building Clearing         Tactical Response

Combat Pistol 101                         Tactical Rifleman

NRA Pistol Instructor Cert.      


   I have recently discovered a new found passion for firearms.  I plan on sharing and documenting my journey on learning about guns and female self defense on YouTube and through blogging on this website.  I hope to become well versed in multiple forms of self-defense as well as achieve an above average knowledge of firearms and their uses.  I am starting from scratch so I have a long way to go.

    I hope to inspire other women to get involved with their own forms of self-defense whatever it may be.  Ultimately we are all responsible for our own well being and the well being of our loved ones and I hope to inspire everyone to be as well prepared as possible should the unfortunate event were to happen where such training is needed.

    Self reliance and self-defence is one of the most fundamental attributes that helped make the United States of America what it is today.  I hope to carry on that tradition and inspire others to do just the same.  Watch my triumphs and failures and know that it is OK to fail, but you are never really a failure until you have given up.  The empowerment gained will be by far worth the price.

Striving to be better than I was yesterday,


Brickell Clark

My Mission

CNN Interview

         w/ Moni Basu

Moni Basu  (CNN Reporter) :

"What would you tell my friends in India who say Americans are infatuated with guns?"

                American Gun Chic:

               "I wouldn't say Americans have an obsession with guns," Clark                  says. "We have an obsession with being free."

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