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So today I released my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard video. It didnt take long for me to quickly realize I had Titled it incorrectly. People were thing I was posting a serious review of the handgun due to the title being "Smith & Wesson Bodyguards Suck! A female beginner review of the S+W BG".

I did intend for it to be a review, but not one as if I was any kind of authority on the subject. I wanted to post what I thought of the pistol from a beginners stand point. I quickly realized I needed to retitle the video so it would reflect as such.

I changed the title to "Smith & Wessons Suck for Beginners"! Even with the change and multiple post through out the video I had multiple comments defending the video and telling me it was all my fault the gun sucked. You know what? They were right! It WAS my fault! However that doesn't change the fact that for most people the S+W Bodyguard .380 is a crappy gun to start with.

Smith & Wesson provides great products but the pocket pistol was a lot to hold on too with its small size. The trigger pull was far tougher than any other gun I have ever shot at 12.3 lbs. Usually when I go to the range I shoot a Glock 19 that has had trigger work done to it so its smooth and precise. Everything that the .380 Bodyguard is not.

My downside to having the .380 is that is sucks to shoot right now. The upside is, that can be solved with practice, range time and training. I will have to force myself to shoot with it more in order o get use to it. To focus on keeping both eyes open when I squeeze the trigger. I need to take all the slack out of the trigger til just before it breaks so I am not fighting through that lengthy pull missing my target. I think if I do these things I can begin to improve in mastering this small pistol.

Those are my reflections,

Until the next Gunday Monday,


Brickell Clark

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